Making Safety a Top Priority


One measure of a construction company鈥檚 dedication is the strength of its company-wide safety efforts.聽 At Keller, we鈥檝e made safety a top priority and our efforts have more than paid off.聽 Our efforts in incident prevention start at the highest levels of leadership and management.聽 The comprehensive set of safety guidelines we鈥檝e developed teaches every Keller employee in practices and procedures that protect them from injury.聽 These efforts have more than paid off, and reflect in the 2023 Workers Compensation Modification (Mod) factor of 0.64 and our 2023 S.T.E.P Bronze Safety Award presented to us by Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin.


鈥淎t the end of the day our safety goal is simple, all individuals have a right to return home to their families healthy every day.鈥 Ethan Kaschak, Safety Manager at 魅影直播.